It's not difficult to see why over 200 schools across India
have made KsmsERP the school management system of choice.

KsmsERP is secure at heart and on the outside

When it comes to data security,
KsmsERP will never give you a sleepless night.

At the core of KsmsERP is Amazon Web Service (AWS) – a 50 billion behemoth preferred by over 800 government agencies, 3000 educational institutions and 10,000 non-profits. With so much trust riding on the AWS cloud platform, rest assured that your data is bulletproof from all kinds of attack. A thorough list of 21 compliance and security certifications should dispel any doubt about the robustness of security framework of the AWS public cloud. With so sure a foundation, security was never an afterthought in the design of KsmsERP. All your transactional data is 256-bit encrypted and sent over
a secure HTTPS connection – just like all banking transactions; the data backups happen automatically from time to time so that you don't have to pull your
hair out; user logs are generated for you to see who
logged in and when, among other things. KsmsERP
has got it all covered.

KsmsERP is easy and intuitive to use

Using KsmsERP is no rocket science

KsmsERP was designed with this thinking: if it takes more than a couple of seconds to figure a feature out, it certainly needs more work. That's why KsmsERP is not a sole dominion of those with computer degrees and diplomas. With an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, all your staff members – even if they have a background in arts or humanities – can learn the ropes, all by themselves. No special training required.
Because of this design thinking embedded into its DNA, newcomers don't need handholding to get familiar with KsmsERP's interface. Handover delays become a thing of the past. It goes without saying that should you – or, any of your staff members – still face a hitch in using KsmsERP, a friendly customer support is always ready to help on a toll-free line.

KsmsERP provides personalized dashboards

Set your dashboard exactly the way you want

Different staff members have different needs. That's where KsmsERP's feature called Quick Links comes handy. You can hand-pick the features most relevant to you and get a quick snapshot of the key metrics in real-time. For instance, if you suspect your transportation vendor of foul play, you can keep fuel log, GPS data, and route details handy in the Quick Links and tally his version of events to the truth. Such bird's eye view of key metrics puts you truly in control of your school. What's more, you can carry your dashboard wherever you go. With responsive, lightweight code and quick load time, KsmsERP looks and acts as beautifully on smart phones as it does on desktops.

KsmsERP takes uncertainty out of school transportation

Now watch like a hawk until they reach home

Until now, principals and administrators had little idea when it came to transportation. Just relying on Good Samaritans to report instances of school drivers driving rash is simply not enough. KsmsERP plugs this gaping hole in student safety through its GPS-tracking functionality. You can not only track your fleet of school buses in real-time but also monitor drivers' speeds and their adherence to traffic rules. You no longer have to be clueless when parents flood you with calls about their children not reaching home. KsmsERP's transportation module does more than tracking school buses. Know in advance when a bus is due for servicing or insurance and prevent unwanted breakdowns or traffic violations.

KsmsERP makes accountants' lives easy

Easy Tally integration for error-free accounting

If small schools can be overwhelmed by the number of invoices, bank receipts and financial data, imagine the plight of big schools that transact in millions regularly. One small error and it all falls down like a house of cards. Not anymore. KsmsERP easily integrates with Tally – the most preferred accounting software in India. Besides Tally integration, KsmsERP is loaded with a host of useful tools to make accountants into accounting superheroes. Forget number crunching. They can dive deep into financial data and carry out multidimensional analyses using pie charts and bar graphs. KsmsERP can also be configured for alerts. Accountants are notified when specific events occur or when certain events are due.

KsmsERP is a customized, end-to-end solution

Get all the help with implementation, training and support

Bought KsmsERP? Now what? You may be brimming
with questions about implementation, staff training or after-sales support. KsmsERP's one-of-its-kind implementation process ensures all end users extract the maximum out of their newly acquired school management system. If hands-on training isn't enough, a dedicated account manager will also conduct a follow-up training. Help is always at hand via toll-free number and online support.

Ready to fast-forward your school into the future?