React Interview Questions and Answers Book

About the Book
React Interview Questions and Answers eBook is for those who are an aspiring front end developer and preparing for React interviews. This book is compiled starting with the basic concepts of ReactJS along with the advanced interview questions. This guide contains tricky and theoretical ReactJS interview questions and whether you are a fresher or experienced, this guide will prepare you for the interview that will help you crack the React interview easily.
In this book, you will learn about the fundamentals of React like JSX, Component, Virtual DOM, Routing, Deployment, and many other topics. This book is for those who want to learn React and also for those who are going to appear for the React interview to have a bright future in front-end technologies.

How this eBook will be Helpful

ReactJS is gaining popularity as open-source frontend JavaScript and according to the recent research, ReactJS has a market share of about 7.5%. So there is an ample opportunity for ReactJS developer in many reputed companies across the world. React Interview Questions and Answers eBook is the perfect guide to revise all the concepts and major elements of React Js enabling you to clear the interview for ReactJS developer position. You don’t have to spend time on the internet searching for ReactJS tricky interview questions as the author has compiled the most important and latest ReactJS Interview questions in the book.

Table of Content

  1. Introducing React
  2. JSX in Depth
  3. Components
  4. State
  5. Props
  6. Forms
  7. Event Handling
  8. Conditional Rendering
  9. Routing
  10. React Hooks