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NextERP Pricing Components


Buying NextERP is just one side of the coin. Implementing it is the other. Our experts will take care of everything – from start to finish.


NextERP's pricing is as flexible as it gets. Choose a plan that suits your budget. There is something for every budget and every size.


One size doesn't fit all. NextERP's team will conduct a feasibility study of your institution, establish a timeline and develop a customized NextERP.

Add-on Components


For automating various processes of your school completely, NextERP is compatible with third-party hardware such as, smart cards and GPS devices. NextERP's trusted vendors can provide the necessary hardware.


NextERP can be fully integrated with popular accounting software, Tally. Your accountants can seamlessly move between NextERP and Tally. With NextERP, one Tally installation is enough for multiple users.


NextERP can be used to broadcast announcements via SMS. It can also be configured for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications. You can choose a monthly plan or pay based on your usage for these add-ons.

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